Movit Gait


Application that uses 7 or 12 sensors. It allows to carry out the evaluation of the four limbs and trunk in static, on the spot, dynamic during walking, walking, running, carrying out any gesture or posture, or while pedaling. It offers the evaluation of all articular ROMs of the trunk, pelvis, upper and lower limbs. The clinical indicators that can be obtained are many.

In the biometric clinic the following can be used:

• Total number of steps

• Average cadence (steps / min)

• Average speed (m / s)


Space-time parameters


• Cycle duration of the step (s)

• Duration of stance phase (s)

• Duration of oscillation phase (s)

• Single support duration (s)

• Double support duration (s)

• Step duration (s)

• Percentage of support phase (%)

• Percentage of oscillation phase (%)

• Percentage of single support (%)

• Double support percentage (%)

• Percentage of step duration (%)


• Cycle length of the stride (m)

• Step length (m)

• Speed (m / s)

• Cadence (steps / min)

• Shock impact tibia (g)

• Shock impact foot (g)

Symmetry indices

• Cycle duration of step%

• Duration of step%

• Duration of support phase%

• Single support duration%

• Double support duration%

• Cycle length of step%

• Step length%

Articular angles

Indices of angular symmetry

• Basin obliquity%

• Basin tilt%

• Basin rotation%

• Hip abduction - adduction%

• Hip flexion - extension%

• Hip rotation%

• Knee varus - valgus%

• Knee flexion - extension%

• Knee rotation%

• Ankle inversion - eversion%

• Ankle flexion - extension%

• Ankle rotation%

Corners of the pelvis


Hip angles


Knee angles

Ankle angles


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