Dynamic baropodometry


Clinical use. Dynamic baropodometry is used in all pathologies of movement originating from the central nervous system (stroke, ataxias, multiple sclerosis, ALS, parkinson's disease, parkinsonisms) or peripheral (all polyneuropathies of various etiologies) or on a genetic or acquired metabolic basis (diabetes mellitus, glycogenosis etc.) or orthopedic in developmental or adult age of various etiology and variously treated (with no orthosis; surgical, medical therapy)

Protocol. The patient is asked to walk barefoot or with shoes and aids (insoles, Coldivilla spring, stick, crutch) at the speed of his step for 1 minute per test.

Procedures. The indicators used are:

1.structural indicators (in color of the pressures present in the forefoot, isthmus, hindfoot; by point analysis, high resolution or Hi-Res, isobars or points of equal pressure)

2.functional (resultant average or center of mass, partial resultants of the right and left foot, average speed in seconds, cadence or steps per minute, distance between steps, support time, double support time)

Execution time: 1 minute without orthoses (orthotics, Coldivilla spring, stick, crutch); 1 minute test if with orthosis (with footwear and orthotics; with footwear and orthotics and Coldivilla spring; with stick or crutch; other)

Conclusions. Within 30 minutes the operator analyzes the data (indicators), prints the graphs and concludes, delivering everything to the patient in a sealed envelope.

The report written and signed by the doctor with the diagnostic conclusions, prescriptions or therapeutic or clinical in-depth recommendations (MRI, CT etc.) is delivered to the patient after the examination. If the patient is rehabilitative on the basis of disability, the project and the objective are provided as per PRI (individual rehabilitation plan).

Instrumental exams can then be repeated for normal follow-up based on the indicators to be checked over time. If, in order to check over time, the same doctor prescribes the tests to be repeated on a company request.