Morphometric analysis of movement and posture


Clinical use. It dynamically studies all global gestural and postural disorders in normal or sporting activities.

Protocol. The subject is invited to walk for 30 seconds or to make a gesture (sporty or not), according to a positioning suited to the Cartesian axes of the X / Y space of the laboratory, with respect to the positioning of four cameras that film live.

Procedures. The measured indicators are: speed, angles, lengths

Conclusions. Within 30 minutes the operator analyzes the data (indicators), prints the graphs and concludes, delivering everything to the patient in a sealed envelope.

The report written and signed by the doctor with the diagnostic conclusions, prescriptions or therapeutic or clinical in-depth recommendations (MRI, CT etc.) is delivered to the patient after the examination. If the patient is rehabilitative on the basis of disability, the project and the objective are provided as per PRI (individual rehabilitation plan).

Instrumental exams can then be repeated for normal follow-up based on the indicators to be checked over time. If, in order to check over time, the same doctor prescribes the tests to be repeated on a company request.