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Type of exams


The laboratory studies movement pathologies, posture and balance in a standing static position, walking and sitting position. Radiant energies are not used. Systems and applications convert analogue signals to digital through the use of computers (computers) that use special software.

Specifically we use:


Static stabilometry in static standing station

Static calibrated stabilometry in static standing station

Static stabilometry in a sitting position

Static calibrated stabilometry in a sitting position


Digitized podoscopy

Static baropodometry

Dynamic baropodometry

·       Turn Test 180 ° digitized :

·        normality, normalità

·        caso clinico 1: dilatazione ventricolare con atassia in polineuropatia diabetica , clinic case 1 ventricular dilation with ataxia in diabetic polyneuropathy

·        Caso clinico 2 : esiti amputazione parziale avampiede dxe sx  con polineuropatia, case clinic 2 outcomes partial amputation right end left  forefoot with polyneuropathy

Digitized Tandem Gait Test

Digitized Unterberger test

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the spine

Morphometric analysis of movement and posture

Surface electromyography

Baropodographyc treadmill

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